be(e) visible

be(e) visible
Aleksandra Trojanowska & Sarah Epping


This is not an art project – it is movement.

This is not a storybook – it is a recording.

This is a call for urgent action, we are a broken record.

Despite their crucial role in keeping ecosystems healthy and pollinating crops that are vital for human consumption, bees numbers around the world are dwindling with many people turning a blind eye to their disappearance. Their pollen sources are decimated by metropolitan sprawl and the use of pesticides making it inevitable that their numbers will continue to drop off unless immediate action is taken. This project is an active protest, a change not possible to make by one but as many.

Beginning in 4 exhibits around the world (Detroit, Prague, Wrocław, Wellington) participants are asked to take a package filled with seeds of non-invasive flower species which they can use to plant their own bee garden. When it is planted – a participant can upload their data (pictures, exact place, describtion) which can be seen on the map of locations as they are planted.